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Det frivillige Skyttervesen
Forsvar, sport og god våpenkultur

The Norwegian Civilian Marksmanship Association

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The Norwegian Civilian Marksmanship Association (Det frivillige Skyttervesen/DFS) is the largest Norwegian shooting organization.

The Norwegian Civilian Marksmanship Association (Norwegian: Det frivillige Skyttervesen (DFS)) is the largest Norwegian shooting organization. It was constituted by the Norwegian parliament in 1892, with effect from 1 July 1893. DFS is still receives financial support from the Norwegian Ministry of Defence. With approximately 850 clubs and 138 000 members DFS is one of the largest sports organization in Norway, and the largest volunteer support organization to the Norwegian Armed Forces. 


The mission of DFS, which was admitted by the Norwegian parliament, is to promote a healthy gun culture and marksmanship skills, as well as to secure a decentralization of shooting ranges, for the benefit of the Norwegian Armed Forces and the Norwegian society.

The mission statement was renewed in 2016 after it had remained the same since 1909, and grants the organization with a broader society-based responsibility. This implies that their activity should not only benefit the Armed Forces, but the general population of Norway.

The Norwegian parliament believes that rifle shooting clubs can benefit the society by maintaining the country’s healthy gun culture. At the same time, they believe that participation in rifle shooting clubs can provide benefits in terms of mental health, by offering a life-long hobby based around mastery, joy and an inclusive social environment. The possibility for the Norwegian Armed Forces to use the shooting ranges around the country is also emphasized as important by the parliament.

To secure their mission, DFS base their activity around three main principles:

  • DFS should be a role model for a healthy gun culture.
  • DFS should offer rifle shooting as a recreational sport for people of all genders and age groups.
  • DFS should contribute towards defence capability in the Norwegian population.